Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Surgery

Today was a very big day. I'll give you the play-by-play:

5:00 AM-Mommy woke up
5:20 AM-Daddy woke up
5:40 AM-I was woken up and my diaper was changed. I did NOT get any milk this morning : (
6:00 AM-Arrived at the surgery center. Mommy was told by the doctor to be there at 6 AM, but we get there and they don't even OPEN until 6:30 AM! Luckily one of the people inside was nice enough to let us in to stay warm. I was in a GREAT mood while we were waiting! I was running around, laughing, rearranging the magazines, and playing with my stuffed dog.

6:45 AM-We were all taken back to the surgical prep area. I met the nurse, anesthesiologist, and two nurse anesthetists. The anesthesiologist examined me to make sure that I was fit to be put under since I have been sick. Luckily my lungs were perfectly clear. I got changed into a gown and received my very own blood pressure cuff and mask. I knew exactly what to do with the mask from using my inhaler three times per days for the past several days. When I got the mask I immediately put it up to my face and started breathing through it! The doctor was running pretty late (my surgery was supposed to start at 7 AM and he didn't show up until 7:35 AM) so I got pretty bored and restless and had fun tearing apart kleenex.

7:40 AM-Was taken back for surgery. I did pretty well separating from mommy. I took my blanket and stuffed dog back with me.
7:50 AM-Doctor came out and told mommy and daddy that I was done already!! He told them that my ears were really, really bad. I had a lot of fluid in them and the fluid was THICK. The thick fluid also irritated the lining of my inner ears a lot, so they were pretty swollen and inflamed. He gave them a prescription for ear drops that will help with the swelling. He also told mommy and daddy that they gave me a Tylenol suppository (YUCK... who ever heard of Tylenol up your butt?!).
7:55 AM-Mommy and Daddy were able to come back to comfort me. I was VERY glad that mommy was there and calmed down a lot right away. The milk helped too : ) I was still pretty upset, though, and randomly screamed through drinking it.
8:05 AM-We were on the road and on our way home!!

I have been pretty irritable all day and haven't been too willing to nap. Mommy had really hoped that I would be extra sleepy from my big day, but unfortunately for her I don't seem to be.


The Cohen's said...

Poor thing, she looks so sad!!!! I'm glad it went so smoothly though!!

Aurora Raine said...

I'm glad things went smoothly and i hope the ear drops help! She looks so sad in the last picture! At least it will help!

Dawn said...

Riley and Beth

I'm so glad everything went well. Riley is such a big girl.

Amelia said...

Yay! I know it was a tough decision, but it sounds like you made the right choice even though we're coming out of cold season. Hopefully she'll be happier and hear better! And stop getting sick already!