Monday, March 23, 2009

"Asthma Action Plan"

I went to my follow up appointment with my pediatrician today, following my "hospitalization". Mommy was expecting a quick check, but she got a WHOLE lot more! I now have an "asthma action plan", with three different levels, a nebulizer with two different medications, a "stock" of oral steroids, and of course the Albuteral inhaler I got at the hospital. This action plan was a new thing for mommy and daddy, so in case others are confused:

GREEN Zone-This what is considered a "normal" day. On these days I am only to use my Albuteral inahler or the Albuteral in the nebulizer if I have breathing issues.

YELLOW Zone-I am considered in the yellow zone if I sm starting to get a cold, or have a cold. At the EARLIEST sign of a cold (runny nose, slight cough) I am to start using a preventative steroid in my nebulizer two times per day, for two weeks. I also will continue to use the Albuteral on an as needed basis.

RED Zone-This is bad. This is where I am if my tummy starts retracting or I am having a significantly difficult time breathing. This is what has landed me in the hospital the past two times. If I get in the RED zone, I am to continue the steroid in my nebulizer, use the Albuteral, AND take one dose of the oral steroid and then call the doctor to figure out how to proceed. Hopefully I won't reach this point with doing the preventative steroid when I have a cold.

Oh, and did I mention that the mask of my nebulizer is shaped like a fish face? : )

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