Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Surgery

Today was a very big day. I'll give you the play-by-play:

5:00 AM-Mommy woke up
5:20 AM-Daddy woke up
5:40 AM-I was woken up and my diaper was changed. I did NOT get any milk this morning : (
6:00 AM-Arrived at the surgery center. Mommy was told by the doctor to be there at 6 AM, but we get there and they don't even OPEN until 6:30 AM! Luckily one of the people inside was nice enough to let us in to stay warm. I was in a GREAT mood while we were waiting! I was running around, laughing, rearranging the magazines, and playing with my stuffed dog.

6:45 AM-We were all taken back to the surgical prep area. I met the nurse, anesthesiologist, and two nurse anesthetists. The anesthesiologist examined me to make sure that I was fit to be put under since I have been sick. Luckily my lungs were perfectly clear. I got changed into a gown and received my very own blood pressure cuff and mask. I knew exactly what to do with the mask from using my inhaler three times per days for the past several days. When I got the mask I immediately put it up to my face and started breathing through it! The doctor was running pretty late (my surgery was supposed to start at 7 AM and he didn't show up until 7:35 AM) so I got pretty bored and restless and had fun tearing apart kleenex.

7:40 AM-Was taken back for surgery. I did pretty well separating from mommy. I took my blanket and stuffed dog back with me.
7:50 AM-Doctor came out and told mommy and daddy that I was done already!! He told them that my ears were really, really bad. I had a lot of fluid in them and the fluid was THICK. The thick fluid also irritated the lining of my inner ears a lot, so they were pretty swollen and inflamed. He gave them a prescription for ear drops that will help with the swelling. He also told mommy and daddy that they gave me a Tylenol suppository (YUCK... who ever heard of Tylenol up your butt?!).
7:55 AM-Mommy and Daddy were able to come back to comfort me. I was VERY glad that mommy was there and calmed down a lot right away. The milk helped too : ) I was still pretty upset, though, and randomly screamed through drinking it.
8:05 AM-We were on the road and on our way home!!

I have been pretty irritable all day and haven't been too willing to nap. Mommy had really hoped that I would be extra sleepy from my big day, but unfortunately for her I don't seem to be.

Fun with Grandma O'Neill!

Grandma O'Neill came and stayed with me during the day on Wednesday and Thursday of this week so that I didn't have to go to daycare, and could hopefully get healthy for my surgery. We had a blast reading books, making cards, and even doing hair!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Asthma Action Plan"

I went to my follow up appointment with my pediatrician today, following my "hospitalization". Mommy was expecting a quick check, but she got a WHOLE lot more! I now have an "asthma action plan", with three different levels, a nebulizer with two different medications, a "stock" of oral steroids, and of course the Albuteral inhaler I got at the hospital. This action plan was a new thing for mommy and daddy, so in case others are confused:

GREEN Zone-This what is considered a "normal" day. On these days I am only to use my Albuteral inahler or the Albuteral in the nebulizer if I have breathing issues.

YELLOW Zone-I am considered in the yellow zone if I sm starting to get a cold, or have a cold. At the EARLIEST sign of a cold (runny nose, slight cough) I am to start using a preventative steroid in my nebulizer two times per day, for two weeks. I also will continue to use the Albuteral on an as needed basis.

RED Zone-This is bad. This is where I am if my tummy starts retracting or I am having a significantly difficult time breathing. This is what has landed me in the hospital the past two times. If I get in the RED zone, I am to continue the steroid in my nebulizer, use the Albuteral, AND take one dose of the oral steroid and then call the doctor to figure out how to proceed. Hopefully I won't reach this point with doing the preventative steroid when I have a cold.

Oh, and did I mention that the mask of my nebulizer is shaped like a fish face? : )

Another "Basketball Baby"!

These were taken the end of last week, about 25 weeks.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A BIG Move!

Since we didn't make it to Lincoln this weekend, mommy and daddy were able to move furniture around between the two bedrooms. I even helped! So, we have completely redecorated, AND I am sleeping in a BIG GIRL BED!!!!! I took my nap in it today and did great! I love being able to show how I can climb on and off by myself. There are still some major finishing touches to be done with the room (including new chair cover, bedding for me, an additional dresser, and wall art/pictures)but here it is so far!

And the BIG girl!

Another Unexpected, Undesirable, Adventure

The plan for this weekend was to go to Lincoln to celebrate my Grandpa O'Neill's birthday. Well, that didn't happen. When I woke up in the morning mommy noticed that I was again struggling to breathe. So we got everything packed up and went off again to the hospital. We started in Urgent Care and they gave me two breathing treatments, two deep suctionings, a chest xray, and oral steroids, and unfortunately the doctor determined that my oxygen levels when I slept were too low for them to send me home : ( So, I was again admitted to the hospital (much to mommy and daddy's disagreement, but hey...what can you do?). I recovered VERY quickly once we got upstairs and was running all over the room. The doctor was actually amazed that I was doing so well. So, it was decided that I could go home!! So, this time I luckily didn't have to stay the night in the hospital.

I definitely have a respiratory virus and (of course) ear infections, but the doctor thinks that I may have some asthma which is being aggravated by the viruses I get. So, they sent me home with an Albuteral inhaler this time, so that we can use that first, instead of having to rush to urgent care. I am doing well today. I am of course very mucusy, but I am not having problems breathing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another "Disappointing" First

Mommy took me to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor today. After 4 ear infections in the past two months we were told we just shouldn't wait any's time for TUBES! So, my first surgery will be on March 27. We are told that it's a VERY simple surgery and I won't even need an IV this time (Mommy is SO happy about this). We are all hoping that after this we can all lay low for a little while least until the NEXT baby comes!

On the plus side mommy reached 24 weeks with Connor yesterday. This is a pretty big deal because at 24 weeks the baby is consider officially "viable" outside of the uterus and if he was to be born the hospital would have to use EVERY possible live saving effort to keep him alive. We defeinitely dont want him to be born now, and there is no reason to think that he would be in the near future, but it is still comforting to know! Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to getting our new room ready and hope to paint maybe Sunday! My big move will happen next month....the move to a BIG GIRL BED!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photo Fun

Mommy had fun playing with her photo....

23 Weeks

Here's mommy's belly at 23 weeks