Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Unexpected, Undesirable, Adventure

The plan for this weekend was to go to Lincoln to celebrate my Grandpa O'Neill's birthday. Well, that didn't happen. When I woke up in the morning mommy noticed that I was again struggling to breathe. So we got everything packed up and went off again to the hospital. We started in Urgent Care and they gave me two breathing treatments, two deep suctionings, a chest xray, and oral steroids, and unfortunately the doctor determined that my oxygen levels when I slept were too low for them to send me home : ( So, I was again admitted to the hospital (much to mommy and daddy's disagreement, but hey...what can you do?). I recovered VERY quickly once we got upstairs and was running all over the room. The doctor was actually amazed that I was doing so well. So, it was decided that I could go home!! So, this time I luckily didn't have to stay the night in the hospital.

I definitely have a respiratory virus and (of course) ear infections, but the doctor thinks that I may have some asthma which is being aggravated by the viruses I get. So, they sent me home with an Albuteral inhaler this time, so that we can use that first, instead of having to rush to urgent care. I am doing well today. I am of course very mucusy, but I am not having problems breathing.


Anna said...

Oh dear! Poor Riley Roo! I am glad she didn't have to stay at the hospital and I hope the inhaler works well for her.
Love the redecorating post, too!

The Cohen's said...

Poor little thing! I hope the asthmas is just from her virus and that she has no more hospital visits!

Aurora Raine said...

Oh no, poor Riley! I'm glad she recovered so quickly!