Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Mommy and Fun Picture of Riley

First off, I am getting more and more used to the nebulizer. Mommy had daddy take a picture yesterday morning so that all could experience the "joy" : )

Mommy is also now officially in her third trimester!! She is having quite a bit of trouble with pain and pressure in her back and belly, but after many tests everything looks "normal". Today she also started to lose her mucus plug! This is very early so she had to go BACK to the doctor (she was just there yesterday) and although her cervix is making some slight changes, nothing that is significant or worrysome at this point. So, she was told that she needs to "take it easy", but isn't on bedrest or anything. Like this is easy with a crazy 16 month old : ) She goes back to the doctor on Tuesday to check things. At this poing though the doctor is not concernced and said that mommy and daddy do not need to be either. So, as daddy says..."stop squatting mommy!" Baby Connor seems to be doing well though!

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