Friday, May 29, 2009


The past few days have been an absolute rollercoaster!!!!

Wednesday morning I go to my regular doctor appointment. I had been struggling with a lot of painful contractions, and I progressed from 0-2cm in one week. I also mentioned that I was afraid that I might be leaking a small amount of fluid, but wasn't sure. Doc had me lay down for awhile so she could test the fluid and while I was laying there, contractions started again. She comes back, tests the fluid, and one test says negative, but another says positive. Since I was having contractions again and the tests were inconclusive, she sends me over to Labor and Delivery.

So at L&D I get hooked up to the monitors and I am contracting regularly every 3 minutes and they are getting more painful. All believe I am in labor. Doc comes over and does a more reliable test for amniotic fluid and it comes back with a faint positive! Doc admits me to hospital to "labor" and says that she will come back tonight to likely start pitocin if I have not progressed much on my own.

During the course of the afternoon my contractions stop. Doc comes, says that she expected that I would still be contracting and says since the test was a faint positive she wanted to test the fluid again to make sure before she induced me since I was only 35 weeks. So she repeats the test and it is negative!!!! So, no induction! ARRGG! My mom is already on her way down to spend time with Riley.

But, it's still not over! Doc thinks that my water really did break but it is just a small leak so we keep getting differing test results. So, I stay in the hospital. That night I start contracting again and this time they are severe. Coming every 3 minutes again and reach a pain scale of 8 out of 10. I hit 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced, but since they don't know for sure if I am in labor, no epidural yet . So, I get two doses of Stadol for the pain because I also hadn't slept in a LONG time (side note...that stadol is CRAZY stuff. I didn't really like it and it didn't let me sleep. It did take away most of the pain though). Not to mention my contractions were all back labor. So, after 11 hours of painful, regular contractions, they STOP again!!! OMG...SO frustrated at this point and SO sleep deprived.

So Thursday morning....doc knows how frustrated I am and stays at the hospital with me in the morning even though it's her day off (love her!). She has the perinatologist(high risk OB) come to see me to figure out what to do. We decide to do the "smurf" test. So, I had an amniocentesis (needle inserted into uterus) done, they drew fluid to test for infection, and then injected blue dye into the amniotic fluid and had me put a tampon in for two hours to see if any leaked onto it. I had NEVER heard of this test before, but was told that if baby was delivered in the next 48 hours he may come out with a slight blue tinge, LOL! Still having contractions off and on throughout the day and some of them reach a pain scale of about 6 out of 10. Given Morphine, but it doesn't really help...just makes me feel funny.

Thursday blue on tampon, so leak likely relsealed itself, no infection in uterus (THAT is GOOD!), and it's obvious that the contractions that I am having are not putting me into full blown labor . So, I am sent home.

Currently, I am an emotional wreck. EVERYONE at the hospital thought that I was going to be having my baby while I was there, and I go home still pregnant. My emotions are way out of wack and I can't stop crying. I've lost 6 lbs. because of all this stress and can't take being pregnant much longer. I'm really counting on a baby being born at 37 weeks....I think my doc is too.

I never thought that this experience would happen to me and I am totally miserable and stressed out. I am having a hard time not crying. On the plus side, I will be working from home next week to finish up some loose ends and then I am DONE. My mom and dad have Riley for the weekend in Lincoln to give me some time to recover, which is GREATLY appreciated. She will have her last week of daycare next week.


The Cohen's said...

Thinking and praying for you!!!!

Amelia said...

Oh Beth, what a crazy week! I'm sorry you didn't get a baby out of it, but lol at the smurf test. Someday that will be funny. So glad your parents are there to give you a break. I'm thinking of you and can't wait to hear that he's finally arrived after this rollercoaster!

Dawn said...


I'm thinking about you! Take care of yourself, soon that little man will be there!