Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I will start from the beginning... Sunday Connor dropped. So, not only does my belly look totally different (and smaller), but he's also causing some "problems". Ever since he dropped I have been having a lot of pressure and cramping when standing and have been contracting a lot more...including some painful, "real", ones. Thankfully, generally as long as I am sitting down or laying down, I usually only have about 3 contractions per hour (which is considered "normal"). Unfortunately if I just sit all day long, without putting my feet up, my ankles become as big as softballs (seriously)! So at my appointment today, my doc decided that some "rest" may be in order. Having delivered Riley, she knew that complete bedrest would be out of the question for me, and probably wasn't really needed since I have made it to 34 weeks (which means a lot to OBs). So until my appointment next Wednesday I am on "modified bedrest", meaning that I am working from home with my feet up and taking breaks to lay down. I am NOT strapped to a bed, thankfully.

Everything else with Connor seems to be great. My uterus is now measuring just 1 week ahead of my due date and at an ultrasound today all anatomy looked great. He is head down and ready to go in good birthing position! We also saw that he had A LOT of hair. You could see all of the fuzz surrounding his little head.

So we are just waiting patiently and hoping that he stays put for 2-3 more weeks!

So you can see the difference in my belly...

31 weeks



Anna said...

Wow! He really dropped, didn't he? Hang in there. Only a few more weeks. Hope the bed rest is semi-enjoyable and not tedious.

Aurora Raine said...

Wow, that is a great comparison shot! Good luck to you! I'm thinking about you Beth and Connor!