Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 (and a half) Months!

Mommy's a little behind on updating the blog. It's been a very busy and exciting past couple of weeks. Right around my 10 month "birthday" I again came down with some horrible disease. This time it was a nasty stomach virus! I couldn't eat anything with nutrition for four days and it took me several more days to work back up to normal eating patterns. Mommy was just glad that it all started on a Friday so I only missed three days of daycare, instead of five. Almost all of the other kids in my class got sick as well and one of them ended up in the hospital for a day because he got so dehydrate. Mommy and I are so glad that it's all over!!!

I'm still doing a lot of the same, but adding some additional things to my list of skills. I am LOVING my push walker and am experimenting with using only one hand to walk with it. I'm also starting to let go occaionally and try standing not holding onto anything. The past week has been HUGE for "new things". My two top teeth broke through, I learned to wave, I said my first word: DOG (sounds more like a very foced "dah"), and I'm very close to clapping. I am also eating almost everything that mommy and daddy eat, or some other sort of table food of my own. I started eating the daycare lunch last week and mommy has also cut my afternoon sippy in half and added in a solid snack. Mommy says I'm going to start the transition to whole milk in less than two weeks, around my 11 month "birthday".

Here are some pictures to enjoy. Some are a month old, but they are in order from oldest to newest.

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Anna said...

Look at that frownie face. Too cute!