Thursday, October 23, 2008

11 Months!

In less than one month I will be a year old!! The past few weeks have brought increased independence and some new "words". My first word was dog, although when you hear me say it, it sounds more like a very forced "dah". My next one was mimicing mommy says "uhoh". I can't say it at the appropriate time, but I love repeating mommy when she says it! My top two teeth popped through at 10.5 months, so mommy is curious whether I will get a more in a couple weeks.

At daycare I am known as the child with the biggest and best appetite. I LOVE food and eat lots of it! My favorites are spaghetti, ravioli, macaroni and cheese, diced carrots, and hot dogs. My teachers can't believe how much I can eat! I also started drinking some whole milk two weeks ago. I love the taste of it and sometimes prefer it to formula. I only have a couple more weeks of formula left and then I will move to whole milk full time. I will be moving up to the next room at daycare in a little over a month and will be with the "big kids" (1-2 year olds).

The biggest excitement happened last night-I took my first steps!!! Mommy was very disappointed because she was in class so didn't get to see them, but I walked four steps all by myself to daddy. Mommy is hoping for a repeat appearance very soon!

I once again celebrated my monthly "birthday" sick. This time a single ear infection in my left ear. The infection also spread to my eye and it was very swollen as well. Mommy said I looked like an ogre-in a loving way of course : )

Mommy's been pretty good about posting pictures lately, but here are a couple more to enjoy of me cuddling and kissing "Little Woo", sleeping in my high chair, and riding my bike:


emily said...

Oh! The sleeping in her food shot!! So sweet, poor thing!

She is getting so grown up!

Miss you guys!

juliedonahue said...

She's beautiful! That's so exciting that she took a few steps too!