Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pigtails, Teeth, and Ear Infections, Oh My!

The title says it all!! This past weekend my first two teeth broke through! They are the two middle teeth on the bottom. It will still be a little while before they are out enough to be caught on camera, though. After a night of screaming and no sleep (for me or mommy) on Sunday, I spent the morning of Labor Day in Urgent Care at the local Children's Hospital. Sure enough, I had double ear infections. The teeth combined with the ear infections sure made for a crabby baby (according to mommy)! Mommy also experience with my hair by putting it in pigtails. I didn't mind it too much, but it wasn't a ton of fun sitting still while she did it. I also got a new toy from Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill that I can sit in front of and play with, or walk behind. I'm getting so big!

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emily said...

cute piggies! She is getting so BIG!