Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Good Start to Fall

Connor's is now 4 months old and he had his 4 month check today. He is doing great and he was smiling and laughing at the doctor the entire time during the exam! It was so cute! He only cried for about 10 seconds with his shots too. Such a trooper!! He is a little small, but that was to be expected since he was only 5 lbs. 11 oz at birth. He weighs 12 lbs. 2 oz (5th percentile) and is a more "normal" 24.25 inches (25th percentile). Doc is very pleased with his growth (2.75 lbs. and 3 inches in two months) he is just going to be small for awhile.

He is a VERY smiley baby and I love it! He is also laughing more often and talks/coos almost constantly when he is awake. He is also a thumb-sucker, which I am actually OK with since he is able to self-soothe. He enjoys sitting up with help and holds his head up really well. He normally sleeps 10 hours straight at night, which is nice since Riley has sleeping issues. Riley and Connor have been sharing a room for a couple weeks now and it is going pretty well.

Riley is now almost 23 months old! It's hard to believe that she is going to be 2 soon. She is doing fantastic with potty training and is accident-free most days. She also wakes up dry most mornings. She is talking in two word phrases consistently and says some three and even four word phrases sometimes. She is big into "pretend play" and will use "trash" and pretend that it is something of value. Her latest find was a cardboard piece that was rolled kind of like binoculars. Riley decided that it was a camera and ran around telling people to "cheese" and would then take their picture. I am trying to work with her on her colors and numbers, but it is going slow...I know it will come soon enough though! We are also working on jumping. Riley's biggest struggling is sleeping, and just when we think we have solved the problem, we have another breakdown in her sleeping.

Here are some recent pictures.

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