Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our First Two Weeks

Well two weeks down, countless more to go! Things are going pretty well at the O'Neill home, but we are all still adjusting.

Connor is an AWESOME baby! He eats well, sleeps well, and rarely cries. He usually has one time during the day where he is a bit gassy, so he is fussy for a little while but nothing that I can't handle. He definitely looks like he has grown to me, so I am excited to see how big he is now when we go back to the doctor on the 30th. He is also wearing his cloth diapers now, so that is fun!

Riley is having to adjust to not only being a big sister, but to also being at home during the day. I think the latter is the most difficult for her. She is so used to have friends to play with, that she doesn't really want to play by herself at all. She really loves playing outside, but unfortunately it has been SO hot here lately we have had to cut the outside play very short. Yesterday we played outside with chalk and then it was so hot I just sprayed her with the hose, LOL. She of course loved it and didn't want me to stop! She loves Connor, though, and wants to help mommy out sometimes by holding him (definitely have to watch for this!). She enjoys giving him kisses, rubbing his head, and pointing out his different body parts.

I am adjusting pretty well. The hardest part is leaving the house! It's not bad if you are going on an "extended" shopping trip, but it's almost pointless to run quick errands because getting them in and out of the car takes longer than the actual errand! I am very glad that Connor is so easy right now because Riley is definitely testing the waters and requires a lot of attention.

We got very lucky and I found a local photographer on Craigslist who was looking to build up her portfolio. She was searching for newborns to do a free photosession for so I quickly took advantage! The pictures are AMAZING and she actually did a second session with Connor yesterday AND is doing an outdoor session with Riley on Wednesday evening! I feel so fortunate to have found this opportunity!

Here are lots of pictures to enjoy!


Aurora Raine said...

Two weeks already! Oh my gosh! I love his little cloth bum!

And great find on the photographer!

juliedonahue said...

I definitely agree that going out with two is more complicated but it does get easier! Will Riley sit in a shopping cart now? I usually wear Andrew and put Amelia in the cart. I used to take three with me to the library but I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore! Andrew is too big for his infant carseat already!

Amelia has gotten really good at playing by herself (she is a bookworm and likes to sit in her little chair and read!) but I try to get her out as often as I can so that she can play with other kids. It also really helps to break up the day. We are starting a "Mommy & Me" tumbling class next week! I'm sure that will be loads of fun :-) I really hope that we can get out to Kansas City soon and have the kids play together!