Saturday, February 7, 2009

Don't Embroider Anything Yet!!

Don't smack a permanent name on anything quite yet....daddy has decided that we can use the name that mommy originally wanted to name me-Connor. Like Riley, Connor is also an Irish name. Daddy also said that he's not 100% sure about the middle name yet either now. MEN! (note from mommy) So it sounds like Connor it is, but still not 100% sure on the middle name. This indecisiveness bugs mommy....but she's glad that it sounds like she is getting her way on the name : )


Anonymous said...

Congrats Steve and Beth on your newest addition. For the record, I like Connor Ross O'Neill. Steve, I've always liked your middle name from day one. I hope Riley and this new one give you a run for your money like you did me whenever I babysat.

Take care - lots of love and best wishes.


juliedonahue said...

Beth I'm shocked! You always so decisive when it comes to those things! I'm sure it will be a great name no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Steve and Beth, I am so excited to hear about the new boy. Riley is such a cutie and I am sure this little buy will be as special. We are very happy for you all. Keep us posted, Love ya Aunt Judi and Uncle Butch