Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Crazy Week

Last week was definitely a crazy one. I woke up from nap last Sunday and I just wasn't myself. I screamed through drinking my milk and mommy noticed that I wasn't breathing right at all. I was wheezing and grunting, and my stomach was retracting in when I breathed. Not good! So mom decided a trip to Urgent Care was necessary just to be safe. After deep suctioning, two breathing treatments, and a chest Xray, it was determined that I did not have RSV or pneumonia, but I still wasn't well. It seems that I had one of the many other severe respiratory viruses that they couldn't test for. So, the doctor decided that I needed to be admitted to the hospital. So scary! Midway through my first night it was decided that I needed an IV to stay hydrated. WORST. EXPERIENCE. OF. MY. LIFE. My breathing gradually got better and on Tuesday it was good enough that I should have been able to go home. Unfortunately I was NOT happy in the hospital and refused to drink ANYTHING. No milk, no water, no juice, nothing. So I had to stay again, even though I really wasn't that sickly anymore (at least nothing that some good 'ol TLC at home couldn't fix). A new IV had to be put in that night because my vein blew on the other one (OUCH again!). I still wouldn't drink that next morning, but the doctor decided to take a chance and send me home, hoping that once I got home I'd feel more comfortable and drink. We were discharged about 12 PM on Wednesday and as soon as I got home I drank a full sippy of milk! See, I tried to tell them I just wanted to be home! I am feeling much better, but still have a nasty cough and runny nose. Nothing that mommy and daddy can't handle. THANK YOU TO GRAMMA BRYANT AND GRANDMA AND GRANDPA O'NEILL FOR COMING DOWN AND HELPING MOMMY AND DADDY OUT AT THE END OF THE WEEK!


Aurora Raine said...

Oh no! Poor mommy and poor Riley! I am so sorry for the incredibly rough week!! I'm glad Riley is doing better!

emily said...

oh that is TOUGH... seeing those hospital cribs always breaks my heart.....

:( :(

So glad all is back to normal now!!