Thursday, August 14, 2008

Silly Tales from the Land of Roo

1) On Monday mommy gets the following report from daycare: A boy my age was laying on his back on the floor. I crawl over to him, climb half-way on top of him, and give him a giant open-mouth kiss!! Of course the daycare people thought it was hilarious, but I was just trying to ask him if he would be my friend!

2) On Tuesday night mommy had an interesting experience....3 times: Mommy wakes up to me crying, which happens about half of the nights but usually I got right back to sleep on my own. This time the crying isn't stopping though. So she comes downstairs to check on me and there I am sitting up in my crib....still asleep!! My only problem was that since I was still asleep I couldn't get back to the laying down position. As soon as mom layed me back on my tummy I was silent and slept great! Of course, I repeated this behavior two other times that night. Not sure what my problem was that night....guess I was dreaming about sitting up.

And although this picture has NOTHING to do with either of these stories, mommy wanted to share it anyway: me taking a break from playing to synchronized diving at the Olympics.


emily said...

you're lucky she was sleepy enough to go right back down. When I tried to lay Noah back down, he just got more upset... so eventually we had to leave him to figure it out on his own. SAD!

Christine said...

She looks like a little Olympian herself with her colored ring sash across her chest! Hope to see her soon!