Tuesday, August 19, 2008

9 Months!!

Can you believe that I am already 9 months old!! Mommy can't believe that in just three short months I will be one year! My 9th month brough exciting new things: 100% ability to pull up on ANYTHING, cruising along furniture, cruising between furniture, people, toys, and anything else that is within my reach, more army crawling, some knee crawling if I'm in the mood, a general dislike for pureed vegetables, formula, new clothes, and a new haircut for mommy! It has been a great month with lots of fun, including visits from family and friends. I go to the doctor on Thursday and will a length/weight amount for you then!

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Amelia said...

go Riley! I LOVE THAT OUTFIT! :) The blue one with the tan pants in the last few pictures, I must have it. Of course Riley makes it look extra cute. Where did you get it?