Friday, July 20, 2007

Doctor Appointment

Mommy had another doctor appointment this past Monday and everything went great! She is doing well and has gained 12 lbs. so far...right on target! The doctor says that it appears that I am also growing well based on the size of mommy's uterus and my heart beat was 161. I decided to stay awake for this appointment! That last one she had was a long one and kept poking and proding me so I fell asleep by the time she actually saw the doctor. Mommy's also glad that I am already acing my tests....I couldn't have done any better on my Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 18 tests. Mommy's next appointment will be in another 4 weeks and it will be another boring one. Mommy's also participating in a Aquamom's class and it is helping her stay active and keep away the back pain. She's starting to get really excited for me to come and is starting to prepare my room!

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