Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

We had a GREAT Halloween! This was Riley first time going trick-or-treating so we all were very excited. We started out by going to the shops at Brookside for their big trick-or-treat event. It was PACKED. Riley got lots of candy, and Connor got lots of "oohs" and "ahhs". Riley was very overwhelmed by all the people and pretty much shut down after a little while. We will skip that event next year. We took a break to re-energize at a Mexican restaurant in Brookside, where Riley got to eat one of her favorite foods...SALSA! She basically just used her chip as a spoon for the salsa. After that we headed home, took a potty break, fed Connor, and then headed out into the neighborhood. Riley definitely preferred this method of trick-or-treating! She was demanding, while polite at the same time, saying "treat" followed by a "thank you". What was funny was that she kept trying to go into people's houses! When they opened up the door she would try to casually step in. I didn't predict that would be an issue with our outing! We made our way to the neighborhood "treat stop" that some of her neighborhood friends were hosting completed with apple cider, hot chocolate, cookies, a fire in the fire pit, and beer for Steve. Riley enjoyed sitting by the fire and Connor got lots of attention.

This Halloween was GREAT fun and I am excited for next year when both kids are old enough to enjoy it. I think we will try tackling carving pumpkins next year too!

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