Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now!

I have had an adverturous past week during my transition into the pre-toddler room. I'm becoming an "expert" at new things, including sitting in a big girl chair and eating at the table and sleep on a cot!! My first day on the cot was great! I went right to sleep and didn't try to get back up. My teachers were very impressed. Mommy was told that I need to work on being quiet when I wake up, but all of the kids need to work on that :) I am also really enjoying all the new toys in the room and like playing with my new friends.

I also got my first haircut yesterday!! Mommy finally admitted that my bangs were getting out of control and I needed to be able to see. So my teacher, Julie, in the Crawlers room, gave them a good trim yesterday. My new "style" looks great and mommy said that she even thinks that it makes me look older.

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