Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My First "Modeling" Gig!

Today mommy took me to get the first picture of the "baby plan", which is my 3 month picture. The photographer, Lea Murphy, was very nice and even got me to smile some! I was very well behaved the entire session and didn't cry or fuss once. Mom was so proud! Mom will go next week to view all the pictures and pick a couple out to order, but here is one sample that she got to see today!


Anonymous said...


Riley is adorable and I think she's got Grandpa Sam's hair!!!
Enjoy her every minute...every single one is precious. We'll have to "hook" her up with my newest handsome grandson, Will, born Nov. 11th.
Dianne Metz

juliedonahue said...

She always looks so surprised!! She's adorable in that picture!

Anonymous said...

What a precious girl. I can't wait to give her a little squeeze.