Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm coming right along.....!

Mommy went to the doctor today and she got to hear my heart beat again! The doctor found it right away with the little doppler machine. My heart beat at that moment was 154. Mommy also talked to the doctor about child birth classes and an Aquamoms class that is offered at the hospital. Her doctor (Dr. Joan Schieber) highly recommended the Aquamoms class. Mommy thought that she was going to get out of wearing a swimming suit this summer while she was pregnant, but it doesn't sound like that is going to happen! Mommy also convinced the doctor to do the BIG ultrasound (including gender identification) at 18 weeks, instead of waiting all the way to 20 weeks like Dr. Schieber originally wanted. So, on June 18 (which also happens to be mommy and daddy's 2nd wedding anniversary), they will FINALLY know what gender I am! What a cool anniversary present for them. I was hoping the doctor would agree to let mommy do the ultrasound at 18 weeks, because mommy was talking about buying a urine test that claims to be able to tell you the gender of the baby after 10 weeks, or even peeing on Drano crystals. Mommy was really starting to go nuts!

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Pam said...

Tell Mommy to CALM down. She has a long way to go yet. Waiting to know your gender it part of the thrill... peeing on draino?? Get use to it, your Mommy is a little NUTS!!