Monday, April 23, 2007

Daddy Thinks I'm a Fish!

Mommy and daddy went to the doctor again today. They just talked about some boring stuff at first, like family history and down syndrom screening options, but then the doctor pulled out the doppler to try to hear my heart beat. The doctor wasn't able to find it with the doppler yet, so mommy and daddy got to see me again! Well, my ADHD has started really early (daddy says I'm already taking after him) and I wouldn't stop bouncing around during the kinda tickled! I had fun swimming around and mommy and daddy had fun watching me do it. They were able to see my little arms and legs and heard my heart beat, a fast 166 beats per minute. My mommy will go back to the doctor on May 21, and she should be able to hear the heart beat then with the doppler. Mommy and daddy are just very eager to find out "what" I am...boy or girl. Guess what...I'm not telling what I am until I'm about 20 weeks old. They'll just have to wait a little bit longer ; )

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Pam said...

Festusfoo looking foward to watching you grow. Keep me posted as go do and how Mommy is doing. Pam